Soliloquys: a​)​Family Tree b​)​Volva Voluspa c​)​The Nile IS The Milky Way


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It flies with irridescence, The skies are filled with presence
It alights with the intention of a subsequent ascension

A sprite jumped out of the greenery
Said several soliloquys
Amidst the surreal scenery:

a) Family Tree:

Chestnut trees there were
Preserved intentions too absurd
Then the image was lost
Engulfed in a web of words

Partake of the particular particles
Deemed to deceive with articulate articles
Of eloquent effervescence
But this is not the essence of my presence
It lies beneath layers of pretense
Through artifice, facade and fence

Travel to the soul, the skin is rent
And rendered insensitive
Pensive, bent, restlessly relentlessly
densely lived

But inside of me, I’m care of free
I sit and such a family tree
Surrounds me
Beneath the bent branches
Of my family tree.

b) Volva Voluspa:

Volva Voluspa hearken
Volva Voluspa whisper
Volva Voluspa darken
The Gate of the wait for the boat with your shadow

Volva Voluspa hear
Volva Voluspa come hither
Volva Voluspa veer
Left to the weft of the warp of the mounds in the meadow

Volva Voluspa reveal
Volva Voluspa vibrate
Volva Voluspa revel
Duress level to the tunnel of your ingress

c) The Nile is the Milky Way:

The Nile Is the Milky Way
The Ape Is the Scribe
We Are the Harpies
Ev'ry Man and Woman, Beast and Bird and Plant is a Star

How we yearn for ever more
Yet the Stars glimmer softly
Only from far shores
In their core
We burn to a husk
And in this too-bright dusk
At last we truly know
Their beauty from below


from IMPLAUSIBILITY of GNU, released April 14, 2017




Orryelle Melbourne, Australia

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